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Immanuel's worship choir plays a vital role in our worship services anywhere from helping lead the congregation in our hymn selection, backing the contemporary worship selection with harmonies, singing offertories, or being an example of worship leadership to those attending the service. The choir is also a great place to get plugged in for those who may be interested in singing on the praise team later on. The choir is also one big open and welcoming family. They their own Christmas Party once a year and often do a White Elephant gift exchange. If singing in the choir is something that would be of interest to you, please reach out to the contact person below.

Where: Sunday Morning Service at Beville Middle School

When: Sunday Mornings 9:00am- End of service

Contact: Ann Witty, imwitty@comcast.net

Commitment: Seasonal or full commitment depending on interest, must be willing to attend practice before service

Ministry Safe Required: No

Other Info: Practice starts at 9:00am before church on Sundays