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Cutting EDGE Ministries is a multi-denominational ministry that works in the public schools to connect students with the gospel of Jesus Christ and a local church.  EDGE clubs are formed by student leaders who commit to becoming campus missionaries through starting and EDGE Clubs on their campus and inviting their friends.  Guest speakers, such as area youth pastors, are allowed to come in and share the gospel every month at the invitation of a student.  Because of EDGE Clubs, students are given a chance each month to give their lives to Christ there in the public school.

Many youth pastors throughout Northern Virginia have embraced EDGE as a strategy that helps them go into the schools and make disciples that their church family can, in turn, help disciple.  This ministry has helped grow youth groups and churches, as well as spread the gospel to students who would never have otherwise heard.

At Immanuel, both youth and Immanuel staff are involved with the EDGE Club at Colgan High-School. If you have youth that would like to hear more about EDGE club, please contact Jordan Weymouth at

To hear more about EDGE Club, visit their website:

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