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Seed Sowers: Serve

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Seed Sowers is an Immanuel Outreach Ministry centered around finding creative ways to connect and share Christ with our local community through engaging, fun and Christ centered evangelistic outreach events.
These events cannot happen if not for the generous help of our Immanuel Volunteers! If you are interested in helping out in a particular way, read the descriptions below and reach out to the coinciding volunteer coordinator so you can get plugged in. We would love to have you.
(Please note: Ministry Safe training will often be required for some of these events, click here to learn more about Ministry Safe)

Volunteer Opportunities:

Relationship Builders: The goal of the "Relationship Builders" at Immanuel Outreach Events is to do just that; greet, talk to, and build relationships with people who come to Immanuel Outreach Events! In addition to attending Outreach Events, according to each member's availability, Relationship Builders will also occasionally meet to talk about how they can best represent Christ to those they are interacting with at events. 

If being a Relationship Builder interests you, please contact Cheryl Timmons at:

General Volunteers: Snacks, greeting people as they walk in, holding "enter here" signs, directing parking, managing game stations, setting up tables & chairs, decorating the venue - you name it! At each event there are a lot of general needs roles that need to be filled by Immanuel Volunteers. Some events need more, some need less, and it can change with each event. 

If you would like to learn more about getting involved in this area, or learn what "general needs" roles are needed for an upcoming event, contact Melissa Byers at:

Supplies: Before each event, depending on the event size and amount of activities, a lot of supplies will need to be packed, brought to the event, and taken back to the church office once the event is over. 

If helping out with supplies interests you, please contact Karen Groat at:

Handing Out Flyers: People need to know about our events so they can come! In addition to advertising online through various channels, Immanuel will also hand out flyers, door-to-door, at local businesses with the owners permission, or elsewhere. This part is very important for us to be able to make that first step in reaching the people in our local community.

If handing out flyers interests you, please contact Jordan Weymouth at:

What Outreach Events are coming up?

To learn about what Outreach Events are currently coming up, click here to go the events page.

*Please note: If you are an Immanuel member signing up as a volunteer, do not click the "sign up" button, that is for guests :)
To learn how to sign up, reach out to the designated contact person of the volunteer opportunity you are interested in for an upcoming event. Please also remember to be up-to-date on your ministry safe training if needed!

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