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Immanuel's Mission Outpost

Immanuel has begun construction on our Mission Outpost on Hoadly Road.  We look forward to settling into a building that will provide space for worship, connection, and caring -- a place where Northern Virginians will experience "God with us for the sake of others."  We hope you will join us!

IAC Mission Outpost Build Video #6
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Building Updates

PROJECT PROGRESS SUMMARY                                                                                                                                          HLR Project 116502



PROJECT:                    Immanuel Anglican Church

PROJECT NO.:            116502

DATE:                           11-15-21


The construction progress continues, as you can see from the drone videos.  Over the last few weeks, the site grading has been completed for the most part, and the large underground stormwater storage tanks were installed, inspected, and covered.  The water lines were connected underground to the building, and with all the plumbing and electrical rough-in work placed at the building pad, the concrete floor slab was poured. 


After that, the wall framing commenced, and the wood roof trusses were delivered to the site.  The church celebrated with a groundbreaking ceremony on October 17.  Looking ahead, the roof trusses are planned to be installed mid-November, and the long retaining wall that parallels the driveway will be installed.

John Recny

PROJECT PROGRESS SUMMARY                                                                                                                                          HLR Project 116502



PROJECT:                    Immanuel Anglican Church

PROJECT NO.:            116502

DATE:                           10-08-21


This month has been very busy. The rest of the trees were hauled off the site and the grading is nearly completed. A construction entrance off Hoadly Road was installed, as was the Contractor's trailer/office. The building pad area was completed — it was raised about 12 feet above the original grade to its final elevation.

The concrete footings and foundation walls for the building were installed, followed by underfloor plumbing and electrical lines. The Contractor planned to pour the concrete floor on October 8.


The water line is now completed across Token Valley Road and all the way to the back of the property, and the underground electrical conduits will follow soon.


Looking ahead, the focus will be on the parking lot area, finalizing the grading and starting the installation of the underground storm water storage facility. The water and electrical lines will be installed up to the building. The foundations for the retaining wall will be poured, followed by the retaining wall itself. At the building pad, we will let the concrete "cure," and then start the wall framing near the end of October.

John Recny

PROJECT PROGRESS SUMMARY                                                                                                       HLR Project 116502 


PROJECT: Immanuel Anglican Church

PROJECT NO.: 116502

DATE: 08-30-21


On the site, most of the clearing has been completed, and trees are being hauled off. The site grading is in progress, and you can now see where on the property the building will go, as the building “pad” construction is under way. The power conduit from Token Valley Road is being installed, and the new water line extension to the building is being installed on the easements across the street on Token Valley Road. The Contractor thanks the church for keeping everyone off the construction site. Looking ahead, the “clearing and grubbing” will finish up, followed by site grading and continuing to install the building pad. The water line will be installed onto the property, followed by the power lines.



John Recny

Principal / Architect

Helbing Lipp Recny Architects