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“Awake to Grace”

Another spiritual practice central to Lent – and essential for life – is prayer. This past Sunday I offered a morning prayer before the beginning of the service that concluded with the petition, “Let me enter this new day aware of my need, and awake to your grace, O Lord.” Below is the full prayer. Consider making it a part of your morning routine. I pray it as I slowly pour water over the tea leaves in my mug, letting the warmth, steam, and fragrance interweave with my words.


A Liturgy for the Ritual of Morning Coffee


Meet me, O Christ, 

in this stillness of morning.

Move me, O Spirit, 

to quiet my heart.

Men me, O Father, 

from yesterday’s harms.


From the discords of yesterday, 

resurrect my peace.

From the discouragements of yesterday, 

resurrect my hope.

From the weariness of yesterday, 

resurrect my strength.

From the doubts of yesterday, 

resurrect my faith.

From the wounds of yesterday, 

resurrect my love.


Let me enter this new day,

aware of my need, 

and awake

to your grace,

O Lord.




(From Every Moment Holy, Vol I, by Doug McKelvey)


Your Pastor in Christ,


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