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Echoes of a Voice

The Saturday Men’s Bible Discussion group recently finished a book entitled Simply Christian by Bishop N. T. Wright. The author’s opening premise is that we humans in this world hear “an echo of a voice”, a very subtle calling to our inner being in four distinct areas: “the longing for justice; the quest for spirituality; the hunger for relationships; and the delight in beauty.”

Each of these four areas allows Wright to expound his book’s subtitle: “Why Christianity Makes Sense.” To me, Wright’s approach makes a great deal of sense as I think the vast majority of humans would, if pressed, admit that there is something “more” to the material world we live in, something of a spiritual nature, of authority and of beauty. For Christians, we can anticipate where the author is heading and indeed Wright gets us to the source: God Himself; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For those not so convinced of a higher power, it can be hard to pin down just what the voice is saying and where it comes from. Either way, the door is opened to questions that emerged from our discussion. Here are some that I hope challenge your spirit:

· Have you ever had a dream or distant “echo” that called to your inner self? Can you put it into words?

· Do you think that justice – a put all things right fairness – is important to God?

· Is something of a “spiritual nature” bubbling up inside of you and what do you do about it?

· If human relationships are so important, why are they so often difficult?

· With the acute challenges in today’s world, how can “beauty” and God go together?

Alan Clark

Senior Warden


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