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Life Together Reminders

This week I’m simply sharing with you a few important reminders about our life together.

Pledging to Christ Our King

Please mail in your pledge cards to the church office, or bring them with you this Sunday. This is an opportunity to express our faithfulness to our King and his Kingdom through hopeful living and pledging our time, talent, and treasure.

Caring during COVID

Remember we care for our community by continuing to follow CDC, state, and our own guidelines. At our Sunday services, please continue to maintain social distancing, to refrain from singing (so hard to do!), to wear masks (we’re good at that!), and to wash hands.

Staying connected

Attending worship services in person or via livestream, responding to the weekly calls from the Phone Team, emailing us about your needs, attending the Zoom fellowship hour on Sundays, attending the Bible Studies – these are all ways of remaining connected, and ensuring we know what is going on in your lives, and how we can encourage and help each other.

Come to Pray and Play

Leslie and I will be joining Melissa at this week’s “Pray and Play.” Our hope is to spend time with you parents, getting to know you more and hearing how Immanuel can continue caring well for your families. Details for the gathering can be found below.

The mission is not shut down

My final reminder for you is the truth of what we’ll be celebrating this Sunday: Christ is King. A friend forwarded to me an article by the Rev. Canon Phil Ashey that included these words:

What do faithful Christ followers do in the face of chaos? The believers in Thessalonica did not let the chaos and turmoil paralyze them. They didn’t pause to dialogue with the mob. They didn’t despair in the face of riots. They didn’t apologize for proclaiming Jesus as King. Jesus IS the King, we are citizens of his kingdom, and, as his citizens, we await his coming again (Phil 3:20). That is the message of the gospel, even if it offends Caesar or the crowd. The mission was too important to suspend or shut down.

Our mission indeed is too important to suspend or shut down: We proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ for the transformation of lives and the renewal of our community.

Your Pastor in Christ,



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