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Listening Tour

“What is your dream for Immanuel?” Alan Clark, our Senior Warden, asked this question toward the end of our Vestry Retreat this past spring. We had been discussing the Priorities & Practices given to us by Jesus for this year, wondering how best to cultivate them at Immanuel. One of the ideas that emerged was to have a second Listening Tour where we put into practice “Reflective Listening,” asking questions that would give us insight into the heart of our church family. Alan proposed the above question as good way to begin.

The benefit of a Listening Tour has become all the more evident to me as your pastor. We’ve arrived at yet another important transitional crossroad in the life of Immanuel: we’re emerging out of the pandemic; we return to Beville September 12; the physical work on our Mission Outpost has begun in earnest; I’ve begun my second year as your pastor. And I’m aware that there is a lot going on in your personal lives! I want to listen to, understand, and respond to your hearts and the heart of Jesus as we move forward together into God’s future.

To that end, the Vestry and I are indeed offering our second Immanuel Listening Tour. Light snacks will be provided, and we’ll spend an hour discussing a series of questions regarding our life together. We’ll start with five gatherings in August and September, four in homes scattered across the map, and one via Zoom. You can sign up for one of the first two gatherings by clicking the names below:

· Alan Clark & Jo Marohn: August 5, 7pm 12908 Roxanna Court (map)

· Phil & Kathy Westcott: August 18, 7pm 3708 Beaver Ford Road (map)

You can get a head start by reviewing the Priorities & Practices, and reflecting on the following questions:

· What is one dream you have for Immanuel?

· What is one way in which we can be adventurous?

· What is one way in which we could creatively connect with each other and/or people outside Immanuel?

· What is one way in which we could be more intentional in cultivating relationships between the different cultures, generations, and personalities within our congregation?

· What concerns or questions dominate your thinking right now?

· What else do the Vestry and I need to hear?

I look forward to listening together.

Your Pastor in Christ,



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