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Message from the Senior Warden Vestry Election Results

Special Update, Vestry Elections

Thank you to all who took the time to vote in our vestry elections. I want, first, to thank our outgoing vestry members: Kathy Westcott (registrar), Chloellen Miller, and Andy Oravetz. They’ve joined with our other vestry members to help lead the church during challenging times; challenging times being an understatement. Their faithfulness and dedication to Immanuel was demonstrated again and again. On behalf of the entire Immanuel family, their fellow vestry members thank them for their faithful service. Well done!

The vestry election was scheduled for Sunday, March 15, two days after the announcement to close the public schools. Accordingly, secret balloting was conducted by mail with tellers connected via Zoom, counting those ballots being mailed in. Our registrar then certified the results.

Please join me ( I’m starting to hear the clapping) in welcoming your new vestry members:

Ken Avery

Kevin Floresca

Cheryl Timmons


Rich Garon

Senior Warden


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