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Institution Reflections and Thanks

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Pastor’s Corner 8/9/220

What an encouraging, worshipful, and even fun time we shared together this past week! “The Institution of a Rector” service had so many significant moments—the music (with more voices and instruments!), receiving the letter from Bishop John, sharing Pastor Chris with you, looking in the eyes of the presenters as they gave me their gifts and charges, kneeling and praying that powerful prayer of devotion, and especially being together with so many of you in celebration and worship. Then the Parking Lot Party increased the joy. We counted 39 cars and one Harley-Davidson Trike (guess who?) driving by with fantastic faces and thoughtful cards. Immanuel Anglican Church is alive and well, loving and ready to connect. One of my daughters remarked, “These people are so kind!” Indeed. My family and I thank you for this wonderful time—musicians and presenters, readers and worshipers, card-writers and gift-givers, Bishop John and All Saints, and all those behind the scenes making these events possible. Thank you! Those of you who made it to the Drive by Welcome received a gift as well: consecrated Bread with a note regarding its care. We have decided not to have an outdoor service this August so that we can focus our energy on beginning indoor services in September (more on that later). Even so, we wanted to find a way for us to participate in Holy Eucharist together this month. Here’s the plan for sharing Holy Communion:

· Deacon Sallie, wearing a mask and gloves, has put the Bread in sealed, plastic baggies for

distribution at the church office on Monday August 10, between 10 am-11 am, and Tuesday, August 11, between 12 pm-1 pm.

· Join us via Zoom for one of two services of Holy Eucharist from Reserve Sacrament:

Wednesday, August 12, at noon.

Meeting ID: 940 8125 9378 Passcode: godwithus

Thursday, August 13, at 7pm.

Meeting ID: 953 7453 6676 Passcode: godwithus

· If you would prefer not to receive the Bread, but would still like to participate in one of the

services, please do! A prayer of “Spiritual Communion” (a practice dating to the 12th century with even deeper roots) will be included.

· If you are unable to participate via Zoom and would like for one of the clergy to come to your home, contact Deacon Sallie at and she’ll arrange a time and an appropriate way for that to happen.

Let me know if you have any questions. Next week, we will give you our plan for meeting together in the fall. I look forward to sharing the details with you. Your Pastor in Christ, Travis+

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