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Message from your Interim Rector

October 20, 2019

Autumn is here and the leaves are beginning to show color. It reminds me of the first time I was here - at Quantico actually - in the Autumn of 1965 as I ran through the forest and hills learning to be a Marine lieutenant. I watched as week by week the leaves turned from green to beautiful reds and yellows and then browns. As the leaves turned and the weather got chilly, it was the same forest but somehow it was different.

The same can be said for our lives. Time and circumstances change us, don't they? As we grow older, our exterior changes to the point that we don't recognize ourselves. I often still see myself as a twenty-one-year-old lad - until I glance in the mirror. Yikes! I'm still the same person but I am somehow quite different.

And on to our spiritual lives. What a journey our Lord has me on. From the day I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior until today, He has been changing me. Changing the way I look spiritually; changing the way I react to people; changing the way I care for others. Spiritually I am quite different than when I began the journey with Jesus. How about you?

Which brings me to a request. Sometimes circumstances change in families. have a modest benevolence fund at Immanuel which we utilize from time to time to provide temporary assistance to parishioners. It is in need of replenishment. Please pray about it and, if God moves in your heart, please write a check to Immanuel Church and earmark it "Benevolence Fund." This is the only time I will ask.

See you in church!



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