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Move Team Update

March 1, 2020

Move Team Update

Several people have asked about the status of the Move Team and where we are in the process of starting our new building. While it may seem that nothing has happened for quite a while, there have been some efforts in the background that you should be aware of. As you may recall the major obstacle for our delay in building has been the lack of mortgage approval from a bank. We have met with three more banks since our appraisal came in low last summer. These meetings were productive and the request by the banks for more documents is being addressed at this time. The information they requested includes a projection of future budgets, church growth expectations and a contingent contract with the construction company.

Another question that has been brought up concerns the pictorial display of the church building set up at church each Sunday. When the picture is complete with all the tiles mounted that means the Cornerstone Fund has been completed. We will still need to qualify for a mortgage to start the construction.

While this is a slow and frustrating process given all the changes we have experienced in the last few months, we, as a Move Team, are confident that the Lord will provide the way forward in His time. We will continue to be patient and prayerfully obedient as we wait for His word.

Chloellen Miller

Bob Mann

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