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Pastor's Ponderings: When the Fluff is Gone

How beautiful dandelions are in the summer. They fill the grass with what looks like cotton balls on a stick. They are delicate. When we pick one and hold it in our hand we are very careful not to hurt it. We marvel at how soft they are and then we blow on them. We see the fluff spread out and get caught by the wind. The wind carries it to a new place to grow for the next season.

As our Lord made the dandelions like this He made us in much the same way. When He plants us with the seed of faith we grow. We take the word of God and are nurtured by it. As we take in His love, we grow in Him and are built up. Here we start to develop fluff. We are growing in Christ. Christ’s light starts to shine throw us. We become overjoyed with peace, we are closest to our Lord.

The fluff here is like dandelion seeds. As the wind blows it plants seeds at new places. Just as when we are engulfed with the Spirit and The Word in our hearts we witness to others without even knowing it. God shares through us. What do others see? The trueness in you. They see the genuine and not the fake, they see the real. They see a person who knows something about Jesus that no one else has shown them. They want someone real just as we want the real Jesus, the real Father, our Lord.

When we talk about Jesus we are spreading the seeds of our life with Christ. We are planting seeds of faith as our Lord works through us.

What is left of the dandelion now that it is without fluff? Just as we are when things happen to us or around us that try to blow us out. These trials happen. Trials happen and we are built up and strengthened. Our fluff is scattered with the wind. But the core remains. That fluff less stem remains, it is essentially the core. Our faith is the core of the relationship we have with the Father. And this core cannot be easily moved. You stand firm in your faith in Our Lord. He is able to do new things He wants to you, in you, and through you. More than you ever thought possible He will work wonders in you.

I realize that gardeners don’t have this same view of the dandelion. But here I challenge you to be the dandelion.

In Christ,

Sallie Rathbone

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