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“Pray without ceasing…?”

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

(1Thessalonians 5:16-19)

“You are loved: Abide. Invite. Welcome.” Prayer is one of the primary ways we abide in Christ, and so it’s no surprise that the apostle Paul would encourage us to “pray without ceasing.” This may seem impossible, even with the increased focus on prayer that Lent provides. I recently read “How I talk to God,” however, a poem that provides a helpful perspective on moment-to-moment conversation with Jesus. Commenting on this poem, Malcolm Guite writes:

“There is no special, ‘sacred’ location or church language in this series of haiku-vignettes, and yet in every one of them the ordinary or everyday is open to the sacred, and vice-versa, in every one, as the concluding verse suggests, ‘infinite connects with finite’. …

What this poem offers is a glimpse of how the very interruptions and mental preoccupations that sometimes clutter our days are themselves prayer if we will let them be, if we experience them in and with God.”

I offer the poem to you here as an invitation to re-discover the “interruptions and mental preoccupations” of your days as opportunities to abide with Christ.

How I talk to God

Kelly Belmonte

Coffee in one hand

leaning in to share, listen:

How I talk to God.

“Momma, you’re special.”

Three-year-old touches my cheek.

How God talks to me.

While driving I make

lists: done, do, hope, love, hate, try.

How I talk to God.

Above the highway

hawk: high, alone, free, focused.

How God talks to me.

Rash, impetuous

chatter, followed by silence:

How I talk to God.

First, second, third, fourth

chance to hear, then another:

How God talks to me.

Fetal position

under flannel sheets, weeping

How I talk to God.

Moonlight on pillow

tending to my open wounds

How God talks to me.

Pulling from my heap

of words, the ones that mean yes:

How I talk to God.

Infinite connects

with finite, without words:

How God talks to me.

Your Pastor in Christ,


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