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This past week we began the first of three weeks of reflecting on the words the LORD has given us in response to our season of remembering him: Seek. Repent. Remember. On Sunday I preached on how our Father calls us to keep “Three-fold Seeking” at the forefront. In our individual and corporate lives, we are to seek first His person (King Jesus), His purpose (His kingdom), and His ways (His righteousness) (Matthew 6:25-34).

I encourage you to practice this three-fold seeking this week, particularly when experiencing anxiety or frustration, which are cues to turn to Jesus who is as close as your hand (Philippians 4:4-7). Welcome him into the situation, give him your desires, agendas, and anxieties, and ask the Spirit to guide you (and all of us!) into decisions that will bring shalom to you, to us, and to the people of Prince William County. “Your kingdom come, not mine; your will be done, not mine; in my life and at Immanuel as it is in heaven.”

As we do this, often we discover that we have been making choices that are contrary to the King, his purpose, and his ways. And that’s a life-giving gift, an opportunity to turn from attitudes and actions that lead us away from God, and instead re-turn to God—what Scripture calls repentance. It’s God’s kindness that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4)! This Sunday, we will reflect more on the word “Repent”, and how it applies to us.

One other note for this Sunday: You’ll notice a new arrangement of chairs and musical equipment, as we continue exploring how best to nurture worship during our services. We’ll try this arrangement for September. Please share your experience with me, the Wardens (Alan Clark and Phil Westcott), or the Vestry Liaisons for Worship (Scott Ankers and Bryan Zwanzig).

Your Pastor in Christ,


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