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"Take joy"

Thursday we celebrate Thanksgiving, and Sunday is the Feast of Christ of the King. With both of these in mind I offer you this excerpt from a joyful prayer penned by Douglas McKelvey:

The joy of fellowship, and the welcome

and comfort of friends new and old,

and the celebration of these blessings of

food and drink and conversation and laughter

are the true evidences of things eternal,

and are the first fruits of that great glad joy

that is to come and that will be unending.

May this feast be an echo of that great

Supper of the Lamb,

a foreshadowing of the great celebration

that awaits the children of God.

Where two or more of us are gathered,

O Lord, there you have promised to be.

And here we are.

And so, here are you.

Take joy, O King, in this our feast.

Take joy, O King!

All will be well!

Nothing good and right and true will be lost forever.

All good things will be restored.

Feast and be reminded! Take joy, little flock.

Take joy!

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the

Holy Spirit, take seat, take feast, take delight!

Your Pastor in Christ,


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