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Thank you Messages


December 22, 2019

Greetings Pastor/Clergy, Mrs. Susan Ragon, and the entire Immanuel Anglican Church family,

I want to pause for just a moment to extend a warm THANK YOU, on behalf of the principal Mr. Tim Keenan and the students and families at Beville Middle School, for your annual sponsorship and support of students during the holiday season. Your generous support provided opportunity for 7 blessed students to be recipients of your church's Christmas Giving Tree program. I am especially grateful to partner with Mrs. Susan Ragon; she is so sweet and has such a servant’s spirit. Mrs. Ragon, Thank you and Mr. Ragon for your sacrifice and leadership.

What your ministry does each year for our students and their families, demonstrates and highlights the heart of God and His purpose for the church, as well as the great leadership of the ministry, by which you all serve. It is very clear to me, that you all understand well, what Christ meant when He said, -”you do for the least of these, you do for me." So, I personally want to say, THANK YOU. As school social worker, seeing the relief, shock, and JOY on the faces of those parents, as they pick up packages from you, makes all the work that goes into the something underneath the tree on Christmas day. Each student/family was carefully selected based on need and not just want. You all planted a seed, in the lives of each child on the receiving end of your gift(s), and though you may never see their faces, or know them by name; I assure you, their lives will forever be changed, and they shall not forget Christmas 2019, because of each of you! May it be refreshing to know, that your giving is not in vain. ((SMILE))

May the Lord extend the very BEST deliverance of His GRACE to each of you and to your families, and may He add back a thousand times over to the Immanuel Anglican Church family, for all that has been given out this season.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Celeste M. Sharper, MSW Certified School Social Worker Office of Student Services PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS

From Bishop Dave and Mary Ellen:

We send you our thanks for your notes, gifts, and kindnesses as we finished our ministry among you. You have touched us deeply with your love. May God continue to richly bless you, every one.


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