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The “Aha” Moment

Epiphany is one of the three principle and oldest festival days of the Christian church. The name Epiphany comes from the Greek epiphaneia, meaning appearance or manifestation.  The term refers to the manifestation of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles represented by the Magi, the manifestation of Jesus’ divinity as it occurred by His Baptism in the Jordan River, and the manifestation of His first miracle at Cana in Galilee.

Imagine the “Aha” moment the Magi must have had when they saw and worshipped Jesus.  These Gentiles traveling up to 800 miles, following a star, knowing that God had touched the earth.  They longed to witness this manifestation of the King of the Jews.

Imagine the “Aha” moment those surrounding the Jordan had when Jesus was baptized.  People journeyed from villages and towns to hear John the Baptist’s message.  They were drawn to his words and the washing away of sin through baptism.  Jesus came to John to be baptized and God touched the earth again.

Imagine the “Aha” moment the wedding party and guests had at the first miracle, turning large vessels of water into the finest wine.  Mary the mother of Jesus knew that Jesus would solve the problem of not enough wine.  Mary knew the touch of God.  The touch of God came through Jesus as he ministered to those in need.

Epiphany is a chance for Christians to reflect on the nature of God's physical manifestation on Earth.  Epiphany is a chance for us to reflect on the “aha” moments in our lives and sharpen our vision to see “aha” moments to come.  A chance for us to look for how God will touch the earth and touch our lives.


In His steps,



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