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“The Importance of the Treasurer”

The Treasurer plays a vital role in the life of our community: monitoring all financial matters of the church, developing and communicating monthly reports, working with our external auditors, partnering with Ministry Leaders and the Finance Committee to prepare and monitor the annual budget, and reporting to and advising the Vestry. In short, the Treasurer is the keystone in our financial foundation that ensures our godly stewardship of the gifts that come from God through his people to Immanuel.

As most of you know, Tyra Harpster has been that keystone for 17 years, serving in this role with excellence, faithfulness, and integrity. At the end of June Tyra is stepping down, and is leaving in place a strong, secure framework for the next Treasurer to carry on this essential work. At this past week’s Special Vestry Meeting, the Vestry again commended Tyra for her years of service, and gave thanks for the gift that she is to our congregation.

That same evening the Vestry also appointed Barbara Finney as our new Treasurer. Barbara’s name was brought to the Vestry after a brief season involving conversations, prayer, and discernment. Her love for Jesus and his people, and her integrity, work ethic, commitment to stewardship, and existing familiarity with the church’s finances as a Teller and Pledge Records Secretary commended her to the Vestry. The vote to approve Barbara was unanimous, and we are grateful she has accepted this appointment, trusting in God’s grace to step into this significant role.

I asked Barbara to share her thoughts on becoming Treasurer:

“When I was invited to pray about becoming Immanuel's Treasurer, I was filled with fear to assume such a responsibility. I was even afraid to ask God in case He said yes! But as the weeks progressed, I heard God's encouragement through trusted friends. Then He reminded me of how far He has brought me in growing into the person He created me to be and in knowledge of Him. I am excited to step into this position and I am honored to use my gifts in service to God and my Immanuel family.”

Please pray for Barbara over the next two weeks as she meets with Tyra to receive the needed training and guidance.

One final note: As Treasurer, Barbara no longer will serve as a Teller nor as Pledge Secretary. We were already in need of additional Teller, and now are in need of Two Tellers who can join the Teller team in assisting our future Pledge Secretary (TBD) in recording contributions, and in tabulating the weekly contributions and depositing them at the bank. This volunteer position serves once or twice a month on Mondays from 9am-10:30am. If you are interested, please contact Gary Grey, our Head Teller, at

Your Pastor in Christ,


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