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“Welcoming New Appointments”

This past Tuesday evening our Vestry gathered together for a Special Meeting. We began by giving thanks and praying for our outgoing Vestry members, listening to Alan, Phil and Margaret as they shared parting words of wisdom. After they left the meeting (and after celebrating two birthdays with cupcakes and words of appreciation), we settled into the important business of new appointments.


I am very grateful to announce that Deb Tomchek is our Senior Warden, and Scott Ankers is our Junior Warden. There was unanimity and even excitement in making these two appointments, and we are convinced that the Spirit has indeed anointed them for these important roles in our church. Their maturity, wisdom, skills, and faithfulness to Jesus are evident! Please pray for them regularly. Not only do they step into roles with significant responsibility, but they also step to the forefront of the spiritual battle involved in leading a congregation. They need your steady love, support, and prayer.


We also re-appointed Barbara Finney as Treasurer and Becky Ragon as Registrar, gratefully confident in their skills and wisdom. Paul Giannini and Kathy Oravetz were appointed as the Vestry representatives on the Finance Committee.


Finally, the Vestry members received their assignments as Liaisons to various ministries within Immanuel:


·       Worship Services: Bryan Zwanzig and Becky Ragon

·       Discipleship/Formation: Kathy Oravetz

·       Pastoral Care: Paul Giannini

·       Administration: Deb Tomchek

·       Communications: John Morlu

·       Building & Grounds: Scott Ankers

·       Community: Janice Flynn

·       Missions & Outreach: Jazmyn McGinley


Our Vestry are invaluable leaders of our community, and I am thankful for the women and men the Lord has given to us for this time. Please join me in welcoming and appreciating them.


Your Pastor in Christ,


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