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“What Love Can Bear and Be and Do”

Station XIII Jesus’ body is taken down from the cross

Malcolm Guite


See, as they strip the robe from off his back

And spread his arms and nail them to the cross,

The dark nails pierce him and the sky turns black,

And love is firmly fastened on to loss.

But here a pure change happens. On this tree

Loss becomes gain, death opens into birth.

Here wounding heals and fastening makes free,

Earth breathes in heaven, heaven roots in earth.

And here we see the length, the breadth, the height,

Where love and hatred meet and love stays true,

Where sin meets grace and darkness turns to light,

We see what love can bear and be and do.

And here our Saviour calls us to his side,

His love is free, his arms are open wide.


I offer the above poetic reflection as we enter these final days of Holy Week, leading us to face the Son of God on the cross, and to welcome the Rising Son on Easter Day…and to be welcomed into his living arms of love.


And I remind you of the following opportunities:


  • Maundy Thursday, 7pm: Foot washing, Holy Communion, Stripping of the Altar

  • Stations of the Cross, Friday, 12pm: Outside service walking with Jesus to the cross

  • Interactive Stations of the Cross, Friday, 12:30pm-6:30pm: At your own pace in the Nave, interact prayerfully at each Station.

  • Good Friday Service, 7pm: Prayer and devotion before the cross.

  • Holy Saturday Contemplation, 9am-1pm: Come sit in the quiet of the Nave, and/or meet with Fr. Travis or Pastor Sallie for the Rite of Reconciliation.

  • Easter Sunrise Service, 7am: Bring your own lawn chair and join us outside for an early celebration of the Resurrection!

  • Easter Celebration Service, 10:30am: Join us for a joyful celebration of the Risen Jesus, followed by blessing the playground, an Easter Egg Hunt, and food!


Please note that we will use incense at the Maundy Thursday service and the Easter Sunrise service.


I look forward to joining you “where love and hatred meet and love stays true/Where sin meets grace and darkness turns to light/We see what love can bear and be and do.”

Your Pastor in Christ,


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