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Rich Garon, Senior Warden


Phil Westcott, Junior Warden

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Barbara Finney, Registrar

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Kent Avery

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Jim Ewart

Karen Groat

Alan Clark

George Wright

Cheryl Timmons

The Vestry serves as the lay leadership of the church. Members of the Vestry provide Godly counsel, Biblical wisdom, and accountability for the Rector as well as managing the temporal matters of the church.

According to Immanuel’s By-Laws, any person who serves on the Vestry must be a baptized Christian, confirmed or received into the Anglican Communion, at least eighteen years of age, recognized by the Rector as regular in worship with an average attendance of at least twice per month, and regularly contribute financially to the church. Nominees should also be active in some additional aspects of church life. Only one member of an immediate family may serve on the Vestry at a time. Vestry meetings are to be held monthly but more often if necessary.

Annual elections to the Vestry are conducted during the Annual Parish Meeting, usually held in the first half of the calendar year.  If you are interested in joining the vestry and would like to participate in the election process, please fill out the application available here: 

Vestry Application will be available in 2021. Please check back for updates.

Vestry Application

For any questions, please contact office@iachurch.org