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Confirmation is a great opportunity for those interested in becoming Anglicans to truly take ownership of their Christian faith and confess their desire to become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in becoming confirmed, please reach out to Dave Bena at


Below are the video classes for this year’s confirmation. If you are scheduled to be confirmed, please watch each video and follow up with Dave Bena as needed with any comments or questions.

Session One - Salvation by Grace Through Faith 

How God saves us; how we respond...We can't be good enough to get to God, so God comes to us. Through the cross of Jesus, God forgives us our sins and invites us to share eternity with Him. Confirmation is our public  proclamation of receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Session Two - What is the Bible and How do We Read It?

The Bible is the very Word of God and contains all things necessary for salvation. Divided into the Old Testament (agreement or covenant) and the New, the Bible is both a book of Holy History and a guide book for eternal life and living.

Session Three - Anglican History

Looking back at our past tells is who we are today. There are two main branches in the Church, The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodoxy. Anglicanism is the third major branch. Our Church is a daughter of the Church of England - hence the Anglican Church in North America.

Session Four - Sacraments and Confirmation

The Anglican Church recognizes two Gospel Sacraments - Baptism and Holy Communion, and five sacramental acts - Confirmation, Matrimony, Orders, Anointing, and Penance. Confirmation is a commissioning ceremony which confers on us ministry in the Holy Spirit.

Session Five - Anglican Theology

Anglicanism believes in the Holy Trinity, the Divinity of Jesus, and the doctrine that the Church is the Body of Christ, Jesus Himself being the Head.

Session Six - Anglican Worship

We worship both corporately and personally. Major corporate worship includes Holy Communion (Eucharist) and Morning Prayer. Personal Prayer includes daily coming before God using the bible and the Book of Common Prayer.

Session Seven - Membership and Ministry

Confirmation is the way we publicly proclaim our acceptance of Jesus as Savior and Lord, and declare our membership in God's Church and our ministry for Him.

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