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Sunday Morning Worship


The worship service at Immanuel is a reverent, Christ-centered expression formed by our Anglican liturgy. Our service draws on both hymns and contemporary songs to provide a range of musical expression. We offer Communion by intinction (the Bread dipped in the Wine) or in one kind (the Bread only) every Sunday. People come dressed in all sorts of ways, wearing suits, casual everyday clothing, or attire that stems from their cultural heritage. The service normally lasts a little over an hour.  All are welcome!


Beville Middle School


Sundays, 10:00am

With our Return to Beville Middle School, Children’s Church is offered each Sunday for children who are walkers through fifth grade. ReGenerate, our youth group, meets at noon following the service.



Update Regarding Face Coverings:


As guests at Beville Middle School, we follow the same guidelines as those implemented by PWCS. Face coverings currently are optional for Immanuel’s worship services. We are grateful to see unmasked smiles and hear unmuffled voices. We also warmly support those who continue wearing face coverings and have masks and distanced seating available.

We ask anyone who feels unwell or exhibits any COVID symptoms  to remain at home.  Do be aware that some of us still are cautious with regard to physical contact, so please ask before reaching out for that hug or handshake.


Due to technical issues with the school’s network, our livestream is unavailable until further notice.

For questions, email us at : office@iachurch.org