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Lay Ministry: Serve

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Throughout the Anglican service you will see different people taking on different roles. Some people known as acolytes will be doing things like wearing robes & carrying the cross in and out of the service, other people will be handing out the offering, some people reading the prayers in the bulletin from the microphone, some ushering, working together to create a smooth and orderly, God-honoring service within the Anglican tradition. If you are interested in trying out serving in any of these capacities please feel free to reach out to the contact person of the particular lay ministry role description that you are interested in.



Kids third grade through high school also serve during the worship service as acolytes. This is a fantastic way for them to join the worship ministry at an early age, serve others, and learn about the importance of worship in the church.

Contact: Karen Zwanzig,

Altar Guild:


Altar Guild members care for the communion vessels, linens, flowers, and other items used in the worship service.  Members serve one week a month.

Contact: Kathy Wescott,

Lay Eucharistic Ministers:

Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve the chalice during the Eucharist.  Members serve on average one Sunday a month.

Contact: Mary Ankers,


Readers read the lessons and the prayers of the People.  Members serve on average one Sunday a month.

Contact: Barbara Finney,


Ushers and Greeters:

Usher and greeters meet the parishioners as they arrive to worship on Sunday morning.  They distribute bulletins, have a role in the safety and security of the congregation during the service and offer assistance during the service to those needing mobility help or direction.

Contact: Bryan Zwanzig,

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