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A Note from your Interim Rector

October 6, 2019

This next Sunday is the day for me to talk about Spiritual Warfare Anglican Style. WAIT!!! Before you get freaked out and decide that this Sunday morning will be a great time to clean out your garage, let me tell you what I mean. One of the least understood areas of the Christian life involves forces opposed to God. Even though Jesus CONTINUALLY taught about it and lived the drama in the bible, somehow the Church avoids the topic like the plague. It's really quite simple: What did through the Incarnation (God assuming human flesh in Jesus) was to defeat the cosmic forces which warred against the Good that God sent into the. We are part of that victory. But the cosmic forces still fight on, even knowing they have lost the war. Spiritual Warfare is the way we protect ourselves from evil while we move forward in the Gospel. I'll "'splain it" in more depth this Sunday. Come to church and be enlightened and strengthened.

See you in church!

Dave Bena


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