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“His Heart Beats”

The church office is closed this week. In place of the usual Pastor’s Corner, I offer these stirring lyrics from Andrew Peterson’s song, “His Heart Beats”:


His heart beats, His blood begins to flow

Waking up what was dead a moment ago

And His heart beats, now everything is changed

'Cause the blood that brought us peace with God

Is racing through His veins

And His heart beats


He breathes in, His living lungs expand

The heavy air surrounding death turns to breath again

He breathes out, He is word and flesh once more

The Lamb of God slain for us is a Lion ready to roar

And His heart beats


He rises, glorified in flesh

Clothed in immortality, the firstborn from the dead

He rises, and His work's already done

So He's resting as He rises to reclaim the Bride He won

And His heart beats


His heart beats, He will never die again

I know that death no longer has dominion over Him

So my heart beats with the rhythm of the saints

As I look for the seeds the King has sown

To burst up from their graves


He took one breath

And put death to death

Where is your sting, O grave?

How grave is your defeat!

I know, I know His heart beats


Your Pastor in Christ,


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