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His Presence, His Perspective, His Priorities

The Revelation of Jesus continues throughout Epiphany, and this Sunday reveals how He is the Messiah who comes to us where we are. Jesus leaves the synagogue and goes to the seaside, bringing His Mission right into the middle of where people live, work, and play. Simon Peter has a particularly immediate experience of the Messiah (Luke 5:1-11).

Right there in his own boat, the tired fisherman has to decide whether he’ll take direction from a carpenter-turned-rabbi on how to do his job in ways that defy practical wisdom. Then, standing in the middle of the greatest catch of his life, a treasure trove of fish, Simon Peter’s eyes are opened to the reality of Christ – Jesus has come into his world, confronting him with His unexpectedly powerful presence. How will he respond?

I’m particularly taken by the way in which the revelation of Jesus demands that Simon Peter reevaluate his perspective and his priorities. We have a similar opportunity. As announced on Sunday, and as Alan Clark further articulated in yesterday’s “Special Announcement,” Immanuel is confronted with a sobering financial situation that has significant ramifications for our ministries and our staff. In response, all of us are called to fix our eyes on Jesus, and ask him to open our eyes to how our priorities and perspectives are to be realigned with His, and how that is to be reflected in our giving.

To reiterate part of what I said on Sunday, trusting in Jesus does not mean we sit back and watch. It means we kneel and listen to Jesus, then step forward in obedience, confident in His provision. Jesus stands with us in our boat, His powerful presence with us. How will we respond?

Your Pastor in Christ,

P.S. For those of you who missed our time together this past Sunday, I encourage you to make time to listen to my sermon on our participation in the Messiah’s Mission, and Immanuel's focus in 2022. The sermon begins around minute 21 on the video located at To watch the Annual Meeting, send an email to and request the link and password. In addition to the reports from Alan, the Move Team co-chairs, and me, there is a powerful word from the Lord through Margaret Mann beginning at minute 56.


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