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Message from the Interim Rector

December 29, 2019

From your Interim Rector

And so our time with you comes to an end. Mary Ellen and I will soon depart for “R&R” in Florida. What wonderful memories we will carry with us. You are a fine, Christ-centered congregation – as I like to say, a non-contentious group, loving Jesus and sharing Him with others. The five months we’ve been with you have flown by. We leave filled to overflowing with joy for you as you enter a new phase of life and ministry. Soon you will have a new rector, who will offer leadership and pastoral love as you continue to serve Jesus, and who will offer leadership as you deal with how and when to put a new building on the property. We’ve learned in the last six months that God’s timing does not always mesh with our timing. So, very often our struggle is to get in step with Him rather than trying to get Him in step with us. The building will go up as soon as He is ready for it to happen. Maintain that faith. It could be soon; it could take a while. But it will be done, and the building will be glorious and dedicated to being a witness for Jesus and a good base of operations for ministry. Meanwhile, Mary Ellen and I will pray for you all each day as we share the Morning Prayer service. Please pray for us. Godspeed and Farewell.

Dave Bena


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