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Move Team Update

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

December 22, 2019

Move Team Update

Have you noticed how many references there are to “waiting” and “when it was time” in the Gospel narratives about the birth of Jesus? Here are a few examples. “When the time…came,” Luke 1:10, an angel announced that Zechariah would have a son named John. “When it was time,”Luke 1:57, his elderly wife, Elizabeth, had her baby. “The time came,” Luke 2:6, for Mary’s baby to be born. “When it was time, He was named Jesus.” Luke 2:21. Elderly Simeon and Anna “were waiting” until they saw the Lord’s Christ. Luke 2 25-26, 36-38. The Advent hymn, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus, tells of waiting for the Messiah. Advent reminds us that God’s plans are fulfilled only when it is His time.

This year we were told that the time was right to begin building the new church on Hoadly Road. Prince William County (PWC) had approved all our plans and issued the necessary permits. Pending the results of our appraisal, the bank would approve our mortgage. Our engineers, architects, and general contractor (GC) were and still are ready to clear our site and begin construction. This week we received a Christmas card from our GC that said, “Hello Immanuel Anglican! A very Merry Christmas to you all! Our shovels are at the ready!” It’s good news that our professionals aren’t discouraged by this delay.

While waiting for God’s perfect time to begin building, we were given three tasks.

1.We followed up on an appraisal reviewer’s comments. He gave us names of additional Church friendly banks. We met with them, submitted the requested financial documents, and are waiting to hear what terms they will offer us. We also went back to the bank that had offered us a mortgage, noted the appraisal inaccuracies, and ask them to reconsider our application. We’re waiting to hear what their loan committee decides.

2. We interviewed another engineering firm; they were interested; and we asked for a value engineering (cost reduction) proposal. When they presented their $6000 proposal, they were vague; hadn’t reviewed the documents they asked us to submit; and presented no new options for us to consider. The proposal was not accepted. Our engineer attended a meeting with us and four PWC Planning Dept. staff to ask about a Token Valley entrance to our property; moving the Hoadly Rd. entrance to a different location to reduce retaining wall costs; if a storm-water management pond would be acceptable; and for cost cutting suggestions. Our approved site plan and Special Use Permit meet all PWC requirements, and the requested revisions are not acceptable. Meetings with PWC and the other engineering firm confirm that our professionals have served us well and our project complies with County requirements.

3. We explored whether a better, less expensive location exists for our new church. The available options had serious challenges and were not viable. Our individual prayers and Prayers of the People continue to say, “Gracious God, you have blessed us with a piece of property and the means with which to purchase it...We seek your will for this property.” These tasks indicate that we continue to seek the Lord’s will; pray for guidance; explore options for next steps God might be calling us to consider; and confirm that our professionals continue to do their work correctly and in compliance with County requirements.

In this Advent season of waiting until “it is time”, be encouraged by John 1:14. The Message, a paraphrase, says it this way, “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.” As Simeon and Anna waited in Luke 2, pray and wait with eager expectation for the glorious day when Immanuel “moves to the neighborhood” where God calls us to build His church.


The Move Team


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