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I like to do a series of physical exercises each morning, listening to music, as it makes the effort more enjoyable, even stimulating. A particular favorite album with a track having a soothing melody and encouraging lyrics is called “At Christmas the Heart Goes Home” by Lana Puckett and Kim Person. I listen at any time of the year, even June!

A portion of the lyrics from one song goes as follows: “Christmas love is something special and from heaven up above; if every day could be like Christmas, we’d know the wonder of God’s love.”

Christmas is indeed special but every day isn’t like that, not least because it’s only the beginning of the story. Consider Jesus’ life on earth and the parallels to our own. He was born into hope, as we are, and he must have experienced the joy of family and friends, as we do. But he also had a calling, a purpose for his life, as we do. With his joy of life he also knew disrespect, painful loss and humiliation. I suspect we can identify with that. Finally, he experienced death and was raised to life again. If you are a Christian reading this, then you haven’t experienced that last bit yet, but you will because Jesus brought the story full circle from Christmas hope to resurrection certainty and all for us.

So there is Christmas in June ( Merry Christmas!) and Easter also (He is risen, Hallelujah!!).

Alan Clark

Senior Warden


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